Accelerating the entire ML Project lifecycle

All Xyonix services including our work accelerating platform are designed with the lifecycle of your project in mind.  ML/AI projects begin with an idea and intuition about powerful insights that might be gleaned from data. This data is then gathered, perhaps from a mobile application, sensors or customers. Then, typically, there is a discovery process, to understand what high value business objectives can be enabled with the data. Data scientists typically explore the data, to try to understand the properties of the data such as how the variables correlate with one another, how complex the imagery, sounds or text is, and ultimately, what can be extracted or predicted from the data. Next, typically labeled examples of desired model output are prepared. Once a data scientist has labeled examples, they can then proceed to develop ML/AI models, improve those models, and finally, run and manage those models in a production setting to realize powerful insights.

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