Quickly Find Your ai path Forward

AI is a very deep and complex topic. Determining how AI is relevant to your business is difficult to do, and determining an efficient and impactful path forward is even harder. Our Path Finder service is designed to help you quickly find your path forward with a very minimal up front investment.

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The Path Finder service includes a deep dive on the business and data sides with one of our seasoned AI experts. We will perform a preliminary analysis of any supporting AI related documentation of your business, your data structures and data. We will then recommend a detailed path forward with checkpoints along the path described in a terse but clear PDF. We will then meet with your team to review.

The path finder service does not include the extremely rigorous data analysis, heavier vetting, and long form highly descriptive narrative of the solution assessment service, but it is a light weight rapid way to get started, and have a clear idea of next steps. Typical recommended next steps might include a Xyonix dataset analysis, a full solution assessment or a fast track to model development.