We use cutting edge machine learning techniques and decades of practical experience to deliver you businesses advantages from your existing data.

Quickly and efficiently.


Machine learning projects can be slow and expensive.  

Xyonix has a simple mission: make machine learning more accessible, faster, and more efficient. 

Our machine learning delivery platform, Mayetrix, leverages our decades of consulting experience to quickly and efficiently implement a wide variety of machine learning projects, including NLP and image based projects, across most common business verticals.  

We can often prototype custom new systems in weeks.  


Your project.  Your data.  Your goals. 

We work with your team and your data to help you produce the transformative business results that you want to see.

Machine learning consulting, streamlined to help you.

1 hr evaluations | investigations | prototypes | deployments | consulting



1 hr evaluations

We schedule a short call with you and your team to determine what might be possible to deliver given your project goals and your data.  Assessment calls are the quick way to for both of us to explore mutual fit and are always free of charge. 

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Reach out to meet us and have this first conversation with us.  



Typically our first paid engagement with our clients is our "Solution Assessment" investigation.  We meet with your business and data leaders to better understand your relevant business metrics and your project's risk / reward profile, and we look closely at examples of your available raw data.  Then we produce a detailed project assessment and project development plan.  

Solution Assessment investigations typically take two to three weeks elapsed.




We work with your team and your data to demonstrate what is possible, using quick, efficient and risk reducing iterative prototype builds. We produce initial performance metrics and develop an optional deployment plan for you.

Prototype builds typically take several weeks to several months depending on project complexity and the desired fidelity required to reach your business's risk reduction goals.


production systems

We rapidly transform our successful prototypes into a fully scaled and bullet proof production system for you. Typical production systems have clean API interfaces, with your data entering on one side and your desired answers coming out the other.  We can host your solution in the cloud or you can have your system on-prem if you prefer.  And we can manage the system going forward  and help it grow and evolve - or you can.


Consulting Projects

We also provide traditional consulting projects for select clients.  

Do you have an existing project that could use a fresh approach... or simply fresh eyes?

Reach out to meet us and discuss.