We use cutting edge machine learning techniques and decades of practical experience to accelerate and improve machine learning projects.

Quickly and efficiently.


Xyonix has a simple mission: make machine learning projects more accurate and more efficient. 

Our experience and techniques can quickly and efficiently improve a wide variety of machine learning projects including NLP, chatbot and image projects.   


Your project.  Your goals. 

We work with your project and your team to help you produce the results you want to see.

Machine learning consulting, focused to help you.

1 hr assessments | investigations | deployments



We schedule a short call with you and your team to determine what might be possible to deliver given your project and your goals.  Assessment calls are the quick way to explore mutual fit and are always free of charge. 


We work with your team and your data to demonstrate what is possible. We produce initial performance metrics and an optional development plan. Investigations typically take two to three weeks elapsed.


We prepare future deployments with risk-reducing pilot projects.  We leverage your existing experience - and ours - to help you get to where you want to be, better faster and cheaper.  

Custom Projects

We also prototype and build custom projects for select clients.  

Please contact us to discuss availability.