high value, robust, complete solution Assessment  

Our solution assessment service is typically the first and most obvious gateway to leveraging Xyonix services. During your assessment, we conduct a number of in depth interviews with your executives, product managers, engineers and data scientists. We want to get a complete picture of your most high value, critical, business impacting questions to answer regularly and rapidly with data.


We then take a sample of representative data away and perform a rigorous assessment, understanding which questions we wish to ask of the data. During this heads down phase, if possible, we look for signal in the data, to understand whether key predictions are feasible and with what level of efficacy. We often apply a few machine learning models and if appropriate, we will assess variable importance in making predictions.

We distill all that we learned from our live interviews, the data we analyzed, and our internal brainstorms. We narrow down a candidate list of future data, technology requirements and potential approaches. Finally, we deliver a prioritized roadmap outline including concrete next near term steps. We collaboratively discuss the solution outline, and refine as needed.

The entire process lasts a few weeks depending on your personnel availability and your problem complexity. Regardless of whether you decide to move on to the next stage with Xyonix, you will be armed with a clear understanding of your problem and how to leverage machine learning to get on a high business impact trajectory.

If you want to get a flavor for how a solution assessment and subsequent engagement might proceed, take a look at Xyonix founder, Deep Dhillon, walk us through an impromptu videographer example.