We use cutting edge

machine learning and artificial intelligence

to rapidly and repeatedly deliver you

insights and advantages from your data.

Artificial intelligence can feel extremely complicated. Many business and technology leaders aren’t sure where to start. In addition, machine learning projects can be slow and expensive to implement.  Xyonix has a simple mission: make machine learning, AI and data science much more accessible, faster, and more efficient. We have decades of experience building state of the art, powerful, bulletproof AI systems. We regularly teach machines to read (natural language processing, or NLP), to see (video segmentation and image understanding), to understand business data and to make high value custom predictions across most common business verticals. We can help you get started with AI, improve your AI processes and team efficiency, or take care of all your AI needs by actually designing, building and operationalizing your custom built models.

Your project.  Your data.  Your goals. 

We work with your team and your data to help you produce the transformative business results that you want to see. 


We regularly prototype new bespoke systems for our customers in weeks.

Machine learning consulting, streamlined to help you.

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free evaluation

We schedule a short call with you and your team to determine what might be possible to deliver given your project goals and your data.  Assessment calls are a quick way for both of us to explore mutual fit and are always free of charge. 



Typically our first paid engagement with our clients is our Solution Assessment. We meet with your business and data leaders to better understand your relevant business metrics and your project's risk / reward profile, and we look closely at examples of your available raw data.  Then we produce a detailed project assessment and project development plan. Solution Assessments typically take four to eight weeks elapsed.




We work with your team and your data to demonstrate what is possible by analyzing datasets and building models using quick, efficient and risk reducing iterative prototype builds. We produce initial performance metrics and develop an optional deployment plan for you.

Prototype builds typically take several weeks to several months depending on project complexity and the desired fidelity required to reach your business's risk reduction goals. We offer a number of related services like annotation gathering which may help accelerate this process.


production systems

We rapidly transform our successful prototypes into a fully scaled and bullet proof production system for you. Typical production systems have clean API interfaces, with your data entering on one side and your desired answers coming out the other.  We can host and manage your solution in the cloud or you can have your system on-prem if you prefer.  And we can manage the system going forward  and help it grow and evolve - or you can.


How We Think About Machine Learning and AI

Interested in a high level introduction to leveraging organizational data for insights? Check out this video where we walk you through the transformation from raw data to insights made possible by machine learning, artificial intelligence and data science.


custom models and Consulting

Need a data science, machine learning or AI consultant? If one of our honed solutions like Sentiment Analysis, Churn Prediction, Video Segmentation, Conversational Understanding or Data Cleansing aren't appropriate for you, we offer custom solutions. Do you have an existing project that could use a fresh approach... or simply fresh eyes? Do you want to start simple and first identify great AI opportunities in your business? Reach out to meet us and discuss.  

Great Companies

We've had the good fortune to work with many innovative companies that share our passion for leveraging AI and machine learning to enable exciting and powerful product capabilities.

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