reliable advice & guidance from a deep AI Hand

Ever feel like you’re missing the guidance, ideas and execution experience of a very experienced Chief Data Scientist? A rock solid Chief data scientist can help guide your teams on all aspects of AI including project identification, conceptualization, proof of concept construction, and execution well into production.


Want to know whether a certain model type is likely to yield results on your problem without ever writing a line of code? Want to know exactly which papers to read before you spend a year heading down a dead end? Want to know the business and technical road blocks you are likely to experience 6 steps from where you are now? Our Virtual Chief Data Scientist package is an extremely cost effective way for you to get regular contact and feedback from our founder and his team of principals. Our founder has started multiple venture backed companies, and served as CTO and Chief Data Scientist at multiple companies building state of the art systems with both small and very large teams. Our principals have all held senior leadership positions applying cutting edge artificial intelligence solutions to important problems. We have all not just implemented algorithms, but actually built large scale systems needed to bring AI ideas to market.

Interested in getting regular AI guidance with the ability to dive really deep? Contact us today and ask about our advisory service.